About Us

Income Tax Calculator is a highly accurate, free, salary and tax calculator tool that helps thousands of people calculate their taxes, National Insurance, and NET pay from their yearly gross salary.

We use up-to-date tax rates in our calculations, taken directly from the government website, and our calculations have been tested and approved by a number of accountancy firms from across the UK.

Using the tax calculator tool is very simple: simply put your yearly gross income in the input field from within the page, and click "Calculate" - the website will execute the calculations and will display the results for you within milliseconds.

We always try to break-down the results in a very easy-to-understand way, by mentioning the most important elements of the salary in a prominent way - Your net pay, your hourly rate, your tax, and your NI. You can also compare your salary with the UK average salary, and your hourly rate with the UK living wage, to give you a comparison on how your earnings are, compared to other people.

We hope that Income Tax Calculator will be the simple tool that will help you get valuable insights on your salary. If you have any good suggestions, or if you would like to see a feature iimplemented on our website, please feel free to contact us, and we'll do everything possible to meet your request. Thank you for using Income Tax Calculator.